Latest Transfer Rumors – Cabeye to Arsenal for £22 million?

Yohan CabayeAccording to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are preparing a £22 million move for Newcastle’s Yohan Cabeye.

The Daily Mirror reports that Arsenal’s Bacary Sagna is prepared to listen to offers from other clubs. The right-back’s contract with the Gunners is set to expire in the summer. PSG, Monaco and an unknown Turkish club are claimed to be interested.

The Daily Mirror also reports that Manchester United are set to make a massive £30 million bid for Atletico Madrid’s Koko.

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Too Close for Comfort


This season’s Premier League is already off to one of the most intriguing starts in its history. It also looks set to be one of the most open title races in recent years

So far this season, top teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham are still langusihing in the table, relative to expectations after 11 games. On the other hand, Arsenal have been top of the table for many weeks despite a recent defeat to arch rivals Manchester United, and a loss in their first match against Aston Villa.

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Can Referees Be Fair?


In virtually every soccer match, a referee’s performance is scrutinized as much as the players on either team. Many match officials are criticized for the lack of consistency in their decisions throughout a match. No refereeing mistake is acceptable, but sometimes one refereeing mistake can hurt a team far more than others. So, who is to blame? Is it the referee or the rules by which they abide?

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Hooliganism is Still a Problem


Soccer hooliganism can happen before, during or after a match. A certain subsection of fans may decide that becoming unruly, destructive, or violent toward others or surrounding property is more interesting than attending a game of soccer in a civilized manner. Hooliganism has a long history, but for all the effort expended to reduce its occurrence it still transpires all too often.

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